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Welcome, Friends!

Well, hello friend!


How are you with making decisions? Me? It's not my favorite. Late fall, 2022, I had what felt like a BIG decision that had been coming down the pike for a bit. I decided to let go of Lucy Rogers Designs and focus on getting my life, home, and stuff in the right order. 

Guess what, I learned something about myself. It turns out I love getting things in order. My life, my home and my stuff. And now I'd like to share that love with you! 

I plan to continue writing, something I love to do. (And I have LOTS of words!) I will write about what's been going on in my little corner of the world here in Knoxville, Tennessee and share some tips and tricks I've learned along the way. More to come about what that will look like, but you can rest assured that my label-maker will be involved! 

You can contact me and access my blog here through December, 2023, after which, the permanent home will be over at Growing in Grace.


Sweet Blessings and May You Always Grow in Grace, 

Christina 🌸

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