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Our 30th wedding anniversary. Wait, what? I look in the mirror and I don’t feel like I am old enough to have been married for this long. I look in my heart and know that all of the graces we’ve had in our marriage couldn’t possibly fit inside 30 years. My Facebook post for this day: 30 years, 4 kiddos, 2 kiddos-in-law, 3 states, 2 major moves...the adventure continues. I love you, husband of mine. Happy Anniversary. What my Facebook post left out: Honey, I hope you find a way to get through the day today as you face a potential job loss…the adventure continues. I am so proud of you, husband of mine. Happy Anniversary. You see, our special day came on a regular Tuesday when everyday work stress couldn’t take a break to allow a big celebration. Not that we didn’t try. A romantic, leisurely dinner out turned into less-than-an-hour at a chain restaurant with a gift card and a phone call from the boss that couldn’t go unanswered. Please know I am not complaining, just admitting that our life isn’t always as perfect as it looks on Facebook. Yet the blessings and memories abound. We are grateful. Yes, we are nervous about the future. We know God didn’t bring us this far to forget about us. Our motto: “God’s got this.” It doesn’t take a lot of faith to lose a job when you have another one lined up. We are hoping our faith outlasts the time it will take to find another job. And, we are confident that however long it takes, this experience will become part of our story that helps bring glory to Him. And moment by moment: we are at peace, we worry, we have faith, we are discouraged, we are trying to see the big picture, but God only promises to be a lamp unto our feet (Psalm 110:105). One step at at time.

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