Welcome Home

Repost from my Facebook post, December 18, 2015

It never gets old...the kids coming home at Christmas is the stuff Hallmark, Kleenex, and Folgers commercials are made of. My mama's heart is warm with joy to have our youngest back home with us again.

Looking forward to the time when the others begin arriving and our beds, couches, and hearts will be full.

Some things I never thought we'd miss:

The house being a disaster

Tripping over shoes at the door

Running out of hot water

Running out of dry kitchen towels

Running out of zip-locks and fridge space

Endless trips to the grocery store

Hearing the shower running at midnight

Waking up at at two am to the sounds of unsuccessfully muted laughter because your children, who are now adults, but still best friends, are together again.

(That one I knew we'd miss).

Merry Christmas and Welcome Home everyone.

Short and sweet, in order to enjoy the too short and very sweet time we will have together before they all go their separate ways again.

How about you? What do you look forward to? What did you never think you’d miss?

You can answer now, or wait until January. You have permission to put the phone down, shut the laptop, and put the computer to sleep. Enjoy this time.

Have a very Merry Christmas and may you be abundantly blessed in the coming year. See you in January!

p.s. One more day of Advent! May you find a few moments of peace in the waiting for Christmas!

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