Better Late Than...

Never? Well, faithful reader, if I haven’t already established the fact that I’m not perfect, this blog post should seal the deal. You see, this is the week I hope to finish.

Finish what, you may ask? No, it’s not putting the Christmas decorations away. Thankfully, that task was completed in January. Is it a new project for my Lucy Rogers children’s clothing line? Nope. Although, last week I did reach my goal of completing the first Christening gown sample. (You can take a peek here!) Nope, this was a project that came close to never seeing the light of day: the quilt Emily and I were going to make together as part of her 13th birthday gift. I won’t divulge her age now, as that would be rude; let’s just say that around 14 years ago, she and I had a mommy-daughter date that I never imagined would be revisited in a resurrected project as this same daughter was preparing to have a daughter of her own. Nothing like babies to help us get the lead out!

Since my quilting skills were very rusty at best, I decided should do some practicing before trying my hand at the real deal. I discovered a few things. (1.) It’s pretty fun! (2.) My “piecing” skills weren’t too rusty (3.) Quilting itself is among my “future skill-sets”. (4.) It’s good to ask for help.

Once I finished piecing the “vintage” quilt blocks, I delved into Lil’ Boo’s very cool, not-your-typical-baby quilt. I LOVE how the top turned out. After a bit of consideration, and keeping in mind that I spent around $100 on the fabric for this quilt, I decided to let go of my pride and ask for help. Through a friend, I found a woman who does beautiful quilting. By this, I mean she puts together the top (which I pieced), the batting, the backing and QUILTS it in a beautiful pattern. All for $27.00. Um, yes PLEASE! The time (including trips to confession) it would have taken me to do a mediocre “stitch in the ditch” job of quilting were better spent working on something in my current skill-set: knitting the baby blanket which needed my time and attention.

Those who know my toddler-esque “I want to do it myself” personality will know this was a huge step for me. My pridefulness aside, I wanted our little granddaughter to have the best.

One small step for overcoming my pride. More to come.

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