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​Hard. Change is hard. I’ve heard it said that “change is good, but transition stinks.” I would have to agree. Unexpected change sometimes comes in the form of a detour. As I write my April post on the first day of September, I am just coming out of a five month detour. Sometimes we know exactly why we were rerouted: construction, a traffic accident, or a parade, perhaps? Regardless of the reason, detours are annoying. They can be frustrating. But they can lead us to new places we would have never thought to venture. Sometimes, it seems like the GPS just decides to fritz out and we just don’t know why, but we follow the path before us and come out on the other side eventually to continue on the road toward our destination. Sometimes, the detour can seem much like a valley. It's not always a deep valley or even a particularly wide valley. When you’re in it though, it’s easy to lose sight of the mountains and the meadows surrounding us. More on that next time.

In the meantime, the song repeat these days can be found here.

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